Apple Cannons!!

What do you do when you evacuate for a hurricane? You visit an apple orchard and shoot apple cannons!

Apple Pickin'-44 Apple Pickin'-45

Hurricane Irma rolled through and sent us north to the mountains of Bryson City, North Carolina. We landed here because it was a safe enough distance away, as well as the home of my awesome in-laws that graciously allowed our humongous, crazy family to overtake their home.

Apple Pickin'-46 Apple Pickin'-47

We didn’t necessarily evacuate because we were worried about the hurricane itself, but more because of the potential damage that could have been done by one of the tall pine trees we’re surrounded by. If it was time for one of the tall pines to snap under the high winds I didn’t want my family in its path.

Apple Pickin'-49 Apple Pickin'-50

So, we made the best of the situation and found activities to not only occupy the kids’ minds, but also our own as we wondered what everything was like back home. Apple cannons were definitely a good choice for everyone, and not only did it count as a family outing, but it also counted as one of our homeschool activities to report on for the year.

Apple Pickin'-54 Apple Pickin'-55

All in all, I’m thankful for our family that offered hands during troubling times, as well as returning to a home that was unharmed by the storm because we all know how it could have turned out, but I’m also thankful for the family time that was gained out of worry.

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