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Parenting Goals

As a parent, I have many responsibilities, as well as many important goals. However, if I fail at all else in life, the four parenting goals that I strive to…

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Unschooling Part 4 – How to Start Unschooling

When learning how to start unschooling, it can take a while to find out what works for you and for your children, to get into your own groove, to create…

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Unschooling Part 3 – Deschooling

Public schools have never been more than hopelessly, flawed attempts at distributing commercialized, in-the-box curriculums to a large number of recipients. It’s basically, in my opinion anyways, just another way…

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Unschooling Part 2 – The Benefits of Unschooling

While attending school, knowledge is simply handed down from the teacher, usually read from a book, to the student. Contrarily, some benefits of unschooling are that a more effective teaching…

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Unschooling Part 1 – What is Unschooling?

A huge misconception about homeschoolers, and especially about unschoolers, is that they sit around in their pajamas watching TV, playing video games or tablets, and sleeping all day. However, a…

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Hotline Numbers

Hotlines Numbers and Websites

A list of hotline numbers and websites to connect to support services. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who can offer resource suggestions, feedback, or guidance. Sometimes you just…

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Mom Life - Southern Kissed Belle

A Modern Southern Belle

​So, what is a Modern Southern Belle?In a way, if it’s broken down to the rudimentary meaning, I guess it would be regional beauty? Belle is derived from the french…

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Apple Cannons!!

What do you do when you evacuate for a hurricane? You visit an apple orchard and shoot apple cannons! Hurricane Irma rolled through and sent us north to the mountains…

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Apple Pickin’

So, we live in Northeast Florida, and we have been evacuated from our home due to a hurricane. We are in North Carolina visiting Nana, and we’re all trying to…

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National Agriculture Day

It’s National Agriculture Day, so to celebrate we bought 2 more flats of strawberries!! What do you do with so many strawberries? Simple!! You make strawberry bark, strawberry syrup, strawberry…

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