Apple Pickin’

So, we live in Northeast Florida, and we have been evacuated from our home due to a hurricane. We are in North Carolina visiting Nana, and we’re all trying to make the best of the situation. Today, we have decided to go apple pickin’!

Apple Pickin'-1 Apple Pickin'-2 Apple Pickin'-3Apple Pickin'-4 Apple Pickin'-5

We ended up at Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard in Hendersonville. What a great place for our family to visit during such unsure times!

Apple Pickin'-6 Apple Pickin'-7 Apple Pickin'-8 Apple Pickin'-9

We have a small farm back home, so we always appreciate the hard work and care other farmers put toward their crops.

Apple Pickin'-10 Apple Pickin'-11 Apple Pickin'-12 Apple Pickin'-13

We all had a great time, ate more apples than we can count, and picked plenty to take home with us for family members.

Apple Pickin'-14 Apple Pickin'-15 Apple Pickin'-16 Apple Pickin'-17 Apple Pickin'-18 Apple Pickin'-19 Apple Pickin'-20 Apple Pickin'-21

This turned out to be a great distraction for what’s happening at home. This farm had many activities for family entertainment including apple cannons which my family absolutely loved! Check out my post on the Apple Cannons!

Apple Pickin'-22 Apple Pickin'-23 Apple Pickin'-24 Apple Pickin'-25 Apple Pickin'-26 Apple Pickin'-27 Apple Pickin'-28 Apple Pickin'-29

Well, time to head home, access the damage, and process these apples into some applesauce and dehydrated, cinnamon apples!

Apple Pickin'-30 Apple Pickin'-31 Apple Pickin'-32 Apple Pickin'-33 Apple Pickin'-34 Apple Pickin'-35

Check out the Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard‘s website

Apple Pickin'-36 Apple Pickin'-38 Apple Pickin'-39 Apple Pickin'-40 Apple Pickin'-41 Apple Pickin'-42

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