Parenting Goals

As a parent, I have many responsibilities, as well as many important goals. However, if I fail at all else in life, the four parenting goals that I strive to achieve along my journey of becoming a #MotherhoodMaster are:

  1. I want to encourage my children to be “good people”, complete with having morals and principles. I want to instill in them the desire to always do what’s right, even if it’s a difficult decision.
  2. I want them to have a strong work-ethic, in addition to being contributing members of society who try to give back more than they take. However, with that said, I want them to know how to allow their bodies and minds to rest in order to be at their best. Furthermore, I want them to know when they should say no in the first place.
  3. I not only want to pass to them a love for learning, but also the skills to learn for themselves. This includes how to do research, and how to find the answers they need without having to rely on others for the answer. However, they should also know when to ask for help.
  4. I want them to be able to survive anything, and to be self-reliant! We take them hiking, backpacking, bicycling, etc. They study martial arts, firearms and other means of defense. They’ve raised chickens and goats. They drive tractors, and grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. I would say they preserve the fruits and vegetables, but they usually eat them as fast as they grow. Either way, you get the idea of my fourth goal.

As a parent, I want to support my kids’ strengths, as well as their weaknesses. I want to empower them with their own drive for happiness and for success. With my parenting goals, I don’t feel that it’s my job to determine my kids’ future. I believe that it’s my job to nourish, guide, and facilitate their life goals. Ultimately, I want my kids to have a sense of self-respect, and all together just be well-rounded, good human beings.

Parenting Goals

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