National Agriculture Day

It’s National Agriculture Day, so to celebrate we bought 2 more flats of strawberries!!

What do you do with so many strawberries? Simple!! You make strawberry bark, strawberry syrup, strawberry chips, strawberry fruit roll ups & last, but definitely not least… strawberry pie!!

Anyways, back to National Agriculture Day, make sure you give thanks to farmers today for the critical role they play in our food security and our economy!! Without all of our farmers, our lives would probably be quite a bit more strenuous.

Growing up surrounded by and working on farms, and spending EVERY summer at my Grandma’s house in Vidalia picking and shelling peas, I for sure have a deep appreciation for the hard workers and the effort it takes to make everything come together and flourish. I owe a huge thanks to my Mom and my Grandma for those summers!! I also owe a great thanks to my dad for teaching me to drive trackers and semis, and my grandpa and uncle for all of the days spent at the sawmill.

IMG_5627          Sawmill (3 of 2)

I’m thankful that because of my mom & dad, my children get a small taste of how I grew up, and a view other than the screen of an electronic device. I also think it’s great that over half of the traffic on our road is tractors, mostly driven by our family!!

Planting Potatoes 2015 (1 of 12)          Planting Potatoes 2015 (3 of 12)

The farmers I wish to thank today would be my Grandma & my Mom…


my Father & my Grandfather…

Planting Potatoes 2015 (7 of 12)           Planting Potatoes 2015 (4 of 12)


my Beautiful Daughter

Pulling Fence 2015 (10 of 11)

Who will you thank today?

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