Introducing the Chevy C-10

Found this beauty on Craigslist! Can’t wait to get to work on it.Chevy C10-34

Chevy C10-2 Chevy C10-9 Chevy C10-8

Chevy C10-11  Chevy C10-14

Chevy C10-13 Chevy C10-32 Chevy C10-37

Chevy C10-38  Chevy C10-15

Chevy C10-22  Chevy C10-24

Chevy C10-25  Chevy C10-19

Chevy C10-21  Chevy C10-20 Chevy C10-29

Chevy C10-30 Chevy C10-31 Chevy C10-16

Chevy C10-41 Chevy C10-46 Chevy C10-47

Chevy C10-49 Chevy C10-50

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